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the president, have a vote in congress or pay federal income tax. but the island debates to the island's peculiar status. these issues take a backseat to the problem of puerto rico is in trouble. >> graphic design professional for more than 26 years on the island. owned my own apartment, family close by, clients and so forth. >> today she owns a hardwood flooring company with her husband. she said a drying up economy left them no choice but to leave. >> we could see criminality was rising, and we could see that the buildings, mr. there were run down and a lot of businesses for sale. >> sÁnchez is one of the thousands who have left puerto rico for work. >> in a lot of businesses, in the main avenues, a lot of homes for sale. these are in nice neighborhoods, and they would stay for sale for a long time. then you see the grass growing and the trees and all of a sudden this property has been abandoned. this is it. either i move or i'm going to be losing what i have here. >> and in each "for sale" sign sÁnchez saw cropping on her street a deeper economic problem boiling. junk status. that
donald's. it will be expanding the earned tax credit. it is the government's largest program targeted as low income americans. >> the earned income tax credit was first introduced by president ford and has been expanded by democrats and republicans alike because it provides an incentive to work. president reagan called it the country's best anti-poverty and jobs creation bill ever to come out of the u.s. congress, and it was a key part of president clinton's welfare to work program. the basic way the earned a tax credit worked is this an eligible worker will earn a tax credit for every dollar he or she makes. a formula determines how much a worker ultimately receives under the program's caps. that amount the worker receives is then applied to taxes. for example, if someone owed $700 in taxes and has a credit of $900 they would get a refund of $200. working families with children currently stand to benefit the most. they qualify for a credit if they earn under 38,000 to $51,000. generally a salary increase the credit lowers. a married couple with two children making $45,000 would be eligible for a credit of
from american tax collectors. it's the stuff of countless spy novels but senators say it it's all too real. $12 billion hidden away in suisse bank accounts, none of it taxed. top creditors of credit suisse accused of helping u.s. customers evade taxes in hidden accounts and overseas shell companies. brady doingen was contrite. >> credit suisse management team regrets deeply despite the industry leading measures we put in place we had suisse bank private bankers who appear to have violated u.s. law. >> doingen blamed a small group, and whoever is to blame, their methods were cloak and dagger. bank statements were slipped into a copy of "sports illustrated" and handed to a client. and in in an airport where clients never had to leave airport ground. after each transaction account statements were immediately shredded. it was all done without filing any u.s. tax. >> the jigs is up. >> senators want client names, but creditors say they're squeezed between u.s. and suisse law. >> you think you're going to be convicted in a suisse court. is the suisse government going to prosecute you if you
suisse today after a senate board accused the bank for helping americans evade millions in taxes. helping hide as as it is from the government. so far the government has learned of 228 account holders. credit suisse agreed to pay a fine for violating u.s. securities laws. mike viqueira on capitol hill, there were sharp exchanges in that senate banking sub committee hearing room today. >> reporter: you're absolutely right because that investigative committee of the united states senate spent a lot of years looking into the swiss banks, sending billions of dollars into secret accounts to try to aprovide paying taxes here in u.s. it appears certain suisse bankers have nothing--james bond has nothing on suisse bankers. >> reporter: it's the stuff of countless spy novels by some senators say it's all too real. as much as $12 billion hidden away in suisse bank accounts. all secret, none of it legal, none of it taxed. top officials of credit suisse, called before a senate panel accused in a congressional report of helping 19,000 u.s. customers evade taxes through hidden accounts and ov
to cut taxes to workers who don't have children. >> let's make this a year of action. >> reporter: following his state of the union, president obama is taking action with his 2015 budget, the people who would benefit low wage workers. for years it has only been workers with children who benefited from the earned income tax credit. under the president's proposal that tax break would expand to those without children. he wants to double a childless worker's tax credit to about $1,000 a year, to offset the cost of the new tax break, the president is proposing an end to an old tax break to the wealthy. that move is projected to garner some $60 billion over ten years. the president is also proposing full-time workers with kids get a bigger tax credit to cover child care costs. he wants to make preschool available for all four year olds. and the tax credit for college tuition, he wants to make that permanent. and proposing funding to upgrade aging highway systems across the country. the plan is expected to help 13.5 million americans. erika pitzi, al jazeera. >>> comes up on al jazeera a
banks in particularly. american tax cheats spent million. >> a report if a senate investigative committee, leers in the making. if you go through the pages james bond has nothing on the swiss banks. some senators say it's too real. as much as $12 billion hidden away. secret and none taxed >> top officials of credit swiss called before a senate panel accused of helping 19,000 u.s. customers evade taxes. in testimony their c.e.o. was contrite. >> the management team regrets despite the leading industry compliant members, we had swiss bank private bankers who may have convened american law. >> he blamed is small group. their methods from cloak and dagger. bank statements were slipped into the pages of sports illustrated, a client where they never left grounds, a remote controlled elevato with no but jobles. and after each traction account statements shredded. >> the jig is up. >> senators want client names. bank officials say they are squeezed. >> do you think you'll be convicted in a swiss court. will the swiss government convict you if you comply with the laws. will you be prosec
in congress or pay federal income tax. it has taken a backseat to the crisis front and center and puerto rico is in trouble and many that can are leaving. it has been nearly five years since making the leap of her life from puerto rico to virginia. >> i was a graphic design professional on the island. i had an apartment. my family close by and clients and so forth. >> today she owns a flooring company with her husband. she says a drying up economy left them no choice but to leave. >> we could see criminality was rising and the buildings were run down. >> one of the thousands educated puerto ricoians that left the island for work. >> in a lot of the businesses in the main avenues a lot of homes for sale. these are like in very nice neighborhoods and stay for sale for a long time and you see the grass growing and the trees and all of a sudden it is like the property is abandoned and this is it, either i move or i'm going to lose what i have here. >> for aech -- each of the for sale signs, junk status. that is the debt equal to more than 90% of the island's gross domestic product and the per cap
. it lays out how and where your tax dollars get raised and spent. president obama would like more of those dollars to go towards road construction, job training and preschool education next year. he wants to expand a tax break for lower income workers, and he wants to take away a tax break currently enjoyed by high-ear high-earning hedge fund types who earn most of their income from fees they charge investors. that's all i'm going to tell you at the moment about what is in this budget. instead, i want to you focus on what is wrong with the entire budget process in washington. formerly presidents present a budget to congress. president obama is a month late, but that's the least of the problems. then congress develops it's own version of the budget, and they vote on it by april 15th, sending it back to the president to be signed into law by then. this has not happened in years. keep in mind appropriating money to pay for things is the one thing that constitution actually requires congress to do. everything else is optional. there is a problem, unlike good wine, a federal budget does not get
billion from federal tax and gasoline could run out of money because it's not enough to meet the roads and maintenance needs. congress needs to fund before september. but congress probably won't let it through. we say that because the president got nowhere when he tried something more ambitious in 2011, establishing a national infrastructure bank leveraging private investment to fund works across the county in transportation, water and energy. with an infrastructure bank they would solicit money from the private sector and guarantee loans, it's a joint public private model used by many, smacking of socialism to republicans in congress. america continues to suffer because of a lack of leadership on the issue. the concept of that national infrastructure bank is not new, but proposals to create one are gauging traction among lawmakers. we are spoke to the think tank focussed on public policy, asking why is it a good idea to turn the idea into reality. >> we have invested for too long in infrastructure, and as a result we see tension between the need to expand the system to meet increased
kind of world war ii camp. allen with al jazeera, north idaho. >>> a tax break for more than 13 million americans, president obama set to unveil the new budget this morning and tell you who will benefit the most if that proposal makes it through congress. plus you might call it thc-tv, marijuana commercials could be coming to a television society near you and life gave them lemons and they made lemonade and going to school. >>> if you think durant is the mbp lebron says not so fast and we will talk about the record in south beach. ♪ welcome back to al jazeera america, i'm stephanie sy, israel's prime minister is pushing back against u.s. diplomacy in the middle east and met with president obama on monday and discussed a framework for reaching a pack with the palestinian and netanyahu had frustration for, syria and iran and to have compromise israel must be secure and netanyahu will deliver the keynote speech to the american, israel publish affairs and apac is the largest and pro-israel lobbying group in the u.s. and as you can see libby casey is joining us from washington and good mor
, that is senator bob mennendez. a possible tax break for 13 million americans. president obama unveiling his new budget. we will tell you if it gets an icy chill on capitol hill when that proposal makes it through congress. >> when i first started the learn with ms. sally, it was hard. it was hard. but i -- this is what i wanted to do. >> fighting illiteracy in adults. one man's journey just to learn how to read. al jazeera america gives you the total news experience anytime, anywhere. more on every screen. digital, mobile, social. visit follow @ajam on twitter. and like aljazeera america on facebook for more stories, more access, more conversations. so you don't just stay on top of the news, go deeper and get more perspectives on every issue. al jazeera america. >>> any minute now, israel's prime minister is set to address a key group of lobbyists. this is senator bob mennendez addressing the crowd. benjamin netanyahu will deliver his speech to the american/israel public affairs committee, one day after a closed door meeting with the president. they discussed reaching an agreemen
, bridges and trans take sit telephone the highway trust fund gets $35 billion a year from a federal tax in gasoline could run out of money in august because that's not enough to meet all the road and 90 minutes needs, to a avoid that, congress needs to authorize new funding before september. about you the president's four-career fran take proposal is more ambition herb which means it probably won't get through congress think we say that because the president got nowhere when he tried something even more ambushing us in 2011 establishing a bank that leverages private funds for transportation, water and energy. with an infrastructure bank the federal government would identify big projects in the public interest visit mon from the private sector and guarantee the loan it's a joint public private model used by many countries around the world but smacks too much of the socialism to many republicans in congress. in the meantime american continues to sufferer because i've lack of leadership on this issue you. a concept of a national infrastructure bank isn't new but pro* proposals to create on
was running trillion dollar plus during the recession, but with the government started taking in more tax revenue and the deficit is the difference between what the government takes in and what it spends. many people confuse it with the debt which is what the government borrows to cover the deficit. an economic stock could be right around the corner. more on that coming up. and forget the fish that saved pittsburgh. we're going to tell you about the hockey arena that could save detroit. that and more as "real money" continues. >> the strength of the u.s. economy but the over all picture remains cloudy in part because of the weather. the biggest news was the revision to gross domestic product for the final three months of 2013. we'll learn more about that in a moment. but first, the contracts to buy homes edged up but less than economists expected, and is near a two-year low. as we reported the housing market has been hurt by this year's severe winter. we also learned that consumer sentiment rose slightly in february despite frigid temperatures and weak job growth in december and january.
expand the earned income tax credit for low income workers. to raise revenue it would kill a carry from tax loophole, lowering taxes for private equity managers. it calls for a $56 billion increase in spending from this year. >> well, we are looking at some rain showers down the south, and we had beautiful weather across the north-east. what we are concerned about is the cold air that is filtering through canada, coming in through the northern planes. it will be a change for many people. what we are seeing is here there's a line of precip, and to the north of that line, that is where the cold air will be a problem. take minneapolis as an example of the the temperatures will go down. that's not factoring the windchill. monday 13 degrees, tuesday 6. later in the week we go down to two. as a high temperature, overnight lows at minus 7. factoring the windchill it's more like 15 degrees. across the north-west we see rain showers. they are tapering off tonight and this morning. as we go through the rest of the day we'll pick up more showers. we don't expect them to d too heavy. we expect bett
brewer's decision on the veto. >>> a new investigation reveals shady business dealings to hide tax dollars. >>> a whole lot of new worlds, nasa scientists, more than 700 new planets are discovered. >> welcome back to al jazeera america. i'm john siegenthaler in new york. a lot to cover this half hour including trapped. tens of thousands of syrian refugees, seeking to get food and shelter. >>> hiding billions from the irs. >>> now the corvette sinkhole on display for all to see. >>> ukraine's transitional government faces a vote in the parliament tomorrow. it comes less than a week since viktor yanukovych was forced from office. warning against a military intervention in kook. u.s. is ready to offer ukraine a billion dollar alone. >>> in depth review of sexual assault in the military. the pentagon has said, 600 people have been disqualified from positions of drill sergeants, recruiters or sexual assault. >> arizona governor jan brewer has just vetoed a controversial gay rights bill. that measure would have allowed business owners to have refused to serve gays on religious grounds. s
. >> lawmakers want to know how some of the wealthy americans can hide billions from the tax man. >> i'm john henry smith, a son knocks off his dad's old team. >> we'll share messages from our imprisoned colleagues. before we go to break, we want to share a letter peter wrote from prison. >> we have been doing what every journalist would, recording and trying to make sense of the events with fairness and balance. when the egyptian government declared the muslim brotherhood to be a terrorist organisation, it knocked the wind out of them. talking to them became on act of treason, however >> a live look at the statue of liberty in new york. the new york harbour, a clear but chilly quay. >> the top stories - the army disqualified 588 soldiers from positions of trust. after a major probe into sexual all the. investigate juniors sifted through records of 20,000 military members. it's unclear if the soldiers were kicked out of the military or assigned to new positions. >> members of an armed pro-rush amilitia has taken over some buildings in crimea. they are flying an american flag. it comes as ukra
* america, immaterial alshon siegenthaler and we have a lot to cover this half hour, including tax numbers make it official. legalized marijuana is a big money maker for colorado. a big problem for bit coin, one of the virtual currency's largest exchange practically disappears. and 50 years ago the fight that shocked the world. cascassius clay versus sunny his tonight anhistonight and the che after. a warn to go after began stan, the president today order u.s. military toy begin planning to take all of its troops out of afghanistan by the end of the year. it's the latest to the response by hamid ca karzai to sign an agreement. officials say so the boko haram group was behind an attack on a school that left at least 59 people dead. police say the boys and girls ages 11 and 18 were separated by attackers. the girls were told to go home. the boys butchered, boko haram has been declared a terrorist organization by both nigeria and the united states. ukraine's parliament has delayed until thursday the formation of a new government that was supposed to happen today until there is a new governmen
credit suisse facing acquisitions of helping americans evade their taxes. >>> we begin with a divided ukraine, protesters are in the streets of the country's east where many there favor ties with russia, while in kiev they are picking a new cabinet. the riot police have now been disbanned, but the country teters on the merge of economic collapse. jennifer glasse is live from kiev. >> this city is 90% russian, it has been russian based since the 18th century, and still is. the people here very unhappy with development in kiev. so you feel left out? you feel like they didn't ask you? >> yeah, yeah, they just follow they -- they direction. we are staying aside, yeah. but now we will fight. >> reporter: and they are really unhappy about the fact that kiev made ukrainian the official language just a couple of days ago. 90% of the people here speak russian, many are ethnic russians. so very, very angry about what is happening in kiev. they appointed their own mayor he is not a ukrainian citizen at all, he is russian. they say we are going to find our own path. >> reporter: and a big problem
on a student loan system that gave tax dollars to the big banks, and we said let's get it to students directly to be able to afford to go to college. that's why we're offering millions of young people the chance to cap their monthly student loan payments at 10% of their income. you need to check that out. go to the website of the department of education and find out how you may be eligible for that. today more young people are earning college degrees than ever before. of course, and i know your president won't disagree with this, but we need to do more to rein in the soaring cost of college and help those who are trapped by student loan debt. the bottom line, no young person should be priced out of a higher education. shouldn't happen. now, there is a fourth part of this agenda. by the way, i just noticed if you've got chairs, feel free to sit down. i know the folks here don't have chairs, but i don't want you--if you're standing up, make sure that you bend your knees so you don't faint. i just want to check on you. now point number four, the fourth component of this opportunity agenda is maki
is about choices as a country we have to make a decision, if we are going to protect tax breaks or if we are going to make smart investments to create jobs and grow our economy. coming up, one day after a global drop stocks are up. big time. communities who have been waiting for help. ukraine are easing is that really what happened here? the dow soaring 227 points. it is the best one day gain for the blue chips this year, and the s&p 500 finishes at a record high as well. joining me now, is a managing partner at chatwood fund, you are in dallas, aren't you? right there in dallas. good to see you. why did the stocks take off today everyone keeps telling me it is because of lower tensions in the ukraine, do you buy it? how do you measure it, you form a that is sis. remember, this has been going on for weeks i think the reality is when we look at the situation, here is what we realize, a, most of america is not going to be materially impacted by this conflict. as horrible as it is, yeah, we won't see the harm here. now, will there be disruptions, the major disruptions we see will be most li
... tax policy... the economy... iran... healthcare... ad guests on all sides of the debate. >> this is a right we should all have... >> it's just the way it is... >> there's something seriously wrong... >> there's been acrimony... >> the conservative ideal... >> it's an urgent need... and a host willing to ask the tough questions >> how do you explain it to yourself? and you'll get... the inside story ray suarez hosts inside story weekdays at 5 eastern only on al jazeera america >> welcome back as we consider a different sort of street fight over a place called home. in the san francisco bay area, the boom in the tech industry has lured a new and wealthier homeowner and renter to many neighborhoods, but at the same time, the city is becoming a cautionary tale for the rest of the country. america tonight's michael oku has more on the battle by the bay. ♪ >> it's a fight for the soul of san francisco. these protesters are targeting so-called google buses, the large, unmarked luxury shuttles for thousands of tech workers in the silicon valley. >> reporter: organizers tell
and transit systems. the highway trust fund which gets $35 billion a year from federal taxes on gasoline could one out of money in august because it's not enough to meet all the road and maintenance needs. for that congress needs to authorize new funding before september but the president's proposal is a lot more ambitious than that, which means its chances of getting through congress are, i think, zero. i say that because the president got nowhere when he tried something more ambitious in 2011. establishing a national infrastructure bank that leverages private investment to fund massive public works across the country in transportation, water and energy. with an infrastructure bank, this has been used in other parts of the world, the federal government would identify big projects, solicit money from the private sector and guarantee the loans required to execute those projects. it's a joint public-private model used by many countries around the world, but smack too much of socialism to many people in congress. in the meantime, america continues to suffer because of lack of leadership on this i
the needed upgrades for rail and bus systems. the fixes sound great but how will we pay for them? taxes. this week president obama urged lawmakers to revamp corporate and business taxes to pay for the infrastructure improvements. he also wants to raise the federal gas tax which is already at more than 18 cents a gallon. we all want safe roads and bridges. the question will be whether we have the political will to make it happen. coming up. this big oscar weekend, we will run down the categories and why have so many americans not seen the films no nominated? >> this weekend. an in-depth hook at all ten oscar nominated documentaries so "consider this," the only film feature length -- >> this is a long struggle. >> to short subject. >> just like michelangelo, in the sistine chapel. >> only on al jazeera america. >> it is oscar weekend and millions will tune in for hoirld'hollywood's biggest nigh. but a surprising report says millions of americans haven't seen even some of these. bill wyman joins us and ben mankowitz, a critic and away the flick? is this more proof that it's television that
and education. the earned income tax credit for low wage workers, and a tax loophole that significantly lowers taxes for managers. and it calls for a $66 billion increase in spending this year. >>> and the political midterms this year, expected soon in texas, the polls closed at the top of the hour, and there has been pressure in the state to get the vote out. most of the national attention, on the governor's race, heidi castro is there with more. how is the turnout today? >> with the polls close to an hour ago, we have the early voting numbers to share with you, looking at 6-8% across the state, which is higher than when texans turned out to an urban primary. most of this can be attributed to the wendy davis campaign. she's scene as the best hope for governor in 20 years. early returns from the primary show that she's well on her way to winning. however, in november, this will be a much different story. that's when davis will face-off with her highly favored republican proponent, attorney general, greg abbot. he's currently at 11 points ahead of her in the polls, and i think it's safe to say
, it offered twitter a $22 million tax break to stay. >> we're in front of the so-called twitter building. >> reporter: the results in a recent media tour, he meets weekly with tech companies, and defends their interests. >> people stop blaming tech companies. they want to be part of the solution. >> reporter: housing protests have become a regular event in the mission. >> people are concerned that they themselves are an eviction away. >> reporter: representative campos said that the city needs to build more affordable housing, and fast. in december, the city built 60 affordable units and got 2800 applicants. he showed us a new development going up. >> this land will be given to the city by the school district so we can develop it into affordable housing, so that working and middle income families can stay in the neighborhood. >> reporter: how many more units like that one? >> i don't know, but i think many more, and that's the challenge. >> in san francisco, you can't raise the rents simply because there's a new occupant inside of the premises. >> reporter: the landlords are not the vil
taxes don't go to the city of philadelphia. >> sure, that's certainly part of the issue. i mean, one of the things that was fascinating to us when we did this analysis and compared philadelphia to other cities, a nap shot of 2010 we found that the size of the middle class in philadelphia was not that different than a lot of other cities. what was different was the size of the upper income group. in philadelphia was not 9% to 10%. in washington, boston, new york, it's 15%, 16%, 17%. that's a big difference. as you say in those cities some of those people, a lot of those people are actually living within the city limits, that's less true in philadelphia. >> are there obvious ones in places for philadelphia. >> the solutions may be obvious, but they're certainly not easy. you know, in our report we talked about three kinds of solutions. one is to cater specifically to the middle class, to people who are here now are middle class and the middle class people who might want to come. you do that through tax breaks and providing educational options. you do that with lifestyle amenities. th
they knew nothing about people using swiss banks to dodge taxes. the hearing coming a day after a senate report that said that americans were hiding as much as $12 million in swiss banks. >> and now the jig is up, you say you can't cooperate because of swiss secrecy laws. those laws don't apply in the united states. you are operating in the united states. >> the bank admits some past misconduct by employees but the executive new nothing about it. >>> georgia debating whether to allow discrimination of gays based on religious beliefs. robert there is a delay in the proceedings, do we know why? >> reporter: indeed. they were supposed to meet in the state capitol this morning. they said they were going to have some provisions to the bill. perhaps they weren't ready to speak about the bill. maybe it's pub back from businesses or maybe it's the outrage they are seeing in arizona. but the bill basically says -- it allows any individual or for-profit company who believe that homosexuality is a sin, to openly discriminate against them by denying them employment or banning them from restaurants o
. the ceo of credit suisse is firing back hel at helping wealy americans to dodge taxes. they said they kept those activities from the bank management. senators accusing the bank of cloak and dagger tactics so customers can evade the irs. >> these illicit banking practices belong in a spy novel not at one of the world's top banks. >> we now know the impact that have big data breach at target. the profits fell 46% in the fourth quarter and saw a significant decline after the breach was uncovered in december. but shares are higher after customers said they are now going back to the store suggesting the breach may not be as a bad as some feared. >>> federal prosecutors in manhattan looking into the failed bitcoin exchange, investigators want the nature of the of the attacks. bloomberg reporting that the fbi is investigating and the collapse is calling many to consider regulating bitcoin. >>> nine years ago new orleans looked like this, hurricane katrina exposing a failing infrastructure, and a levy system that could not contain the floodwaters. now the new 350-mile levy system is already having
to the artificial limb allowing the hand to perform multiple taxes simultaneously and intuffitivelntuitively. >> they are starting to implement that. eventually it will will make out to a human being. >> until then, katie walker's training hard for the 100-meter sprint. she hopes to compete in the 2016 paralympics until brazil. jason is searching for the next do. >> i try to inspire people every day because i think people give up way too easy. i do what i do. i am not super superman. i am jusjason. >> we love watching this and seeing how technology can actually, like, help people feel more human. when you think about it, it's like cold and technical, like inhuman sort of machine. but it was helping people to do things that made them feel like participate. >> thanks, phil. that was such a cool story. crystal, you've got something interesting coming up for us. >> my story will make all of you a little bit jealous. i got to study how technology is being applied to wine making. valley. >> we will check that out after this. >> every sunday night, al jazeera america brings you conversations you wo
parliament and prime minister. they would like more of the tax revenues to stay here and not go to kiev, have more control over their own destiny. they dismissed everybody appointed by kiev and appoint their own people, the new mayor is actually a russian citizen. the new leader here is actually russian, as well. i think we're going to see a lot more russian influence here. they're going to resist any direction from kiev. >> jennifer glasse, thank you very much. viktor yanukovych also calling those protestors who overthrew him fascists, denying allegations that he was the one who ordered police to shoot at them. nick, what has been the reaction from people still gathered in independence square? >> del, if you walk through that square and talk to people, they are not talking about viktor yanukovych. they are talking about the people who died to depose him. over the last hour, there's been somber music coming from funerals that are still happening one week after yanukovych fled, some 80 people died fighting police who these protestors believe were acting on the orders of president yanukovych. v
... the gap between rich and poor... job creation... climate change... tax policy... the economy... iran... healthcare... ad guests on all sides of the debate. >> this is a right we should all have... >> it's just the way it is... >> there's something seriously wrong... >> there's been acrimony... >> the conservative ideal... >> it's an urgent need... and a host willing to ask the tough questions >> how do you explain it to yourself? and you'll get... the inside story ray suarez hosts inside story weekdays at 5 eastern only on al jazeera america >> hi, i'm lisa fletcher, and you're in "the stream" . you pay for internet access. but are you getting your money's worth. is your net experience being controlled by big media? >> our producer a.m. waj i wajai bringing you live feedback to the show. you name t we're on it every single day. but there is a growing concern
to temporarily take command of all national forces, the interior ministry, the armed forces, the navy, tax and border control, all commanders should take orders from me only. those who disagree, please resign. >> reporter: that scares crimea's minority population many of their san antonio cesc tourses were deported by stalin. >> it's the in i wa first time e lived under such conditions they ever taken over military bases and civil institutions that's why crimean society is filled with fear, people are afraid of everything. >> reporter: 400 miles north in the second steer, car can khary drapped pro government supporters from the city hall. much of the population opposed the take over the government in kiev. and in kiev. former opposition leader now presidential candidate vitale klischko appealed for calm. >> translator: i edge everybody no provocations, no calls for accept tim. no violence, no anarchy, legal and democratic authorities are formed in ukraine now, all that love their country have to show their patriotism and unity. >> reporter: at a military airport a possible worrying sign o
as a country we have to make a decision if we are going to protect tax breaks or make smart investments to grow our jobs and expand opportunity for every american. those are the head lines. >> there are reasons why men and women in uniform are killing themselves. a tragic less visible cost of war is the inside story. >> hello, i'm ray suarez. during america's two wars this century one problem has been constant and resistant to efforts to combat it. service people, men and women, active people in reserve all branches of the service have been killing themselves at a high rate. the pentagon has been trying to figure outy, head people off before they end their lives, and the suicide rate has remained sub bornlstubbornly high. first, in background. >> the largest study of mental health ever conducted on u.s. military personnel revealed a startling fact. nearly half the soldiers who reported suicide attempt said their first attempt was prior to enlistment. it was believed that long repeated deployments in the recent wars were the cause. but now a first look at a huge mental health
on the homeowners, or the small business people, and the tax is high, and people always are looking at, we're paying more and we're getting less. we're losing all of the people that make a big salary, and we're left with people who make just 20, 30, or say $40,000 a year, stuff like that. and we expect to fund our schools with that. so yes, it does put a burden on us, and we have to fund public safety, fire, and all of those things that we have to do with that money, and plus, we cannot underfund education. we have to make sure that we fund the education that is required. so it does put a big burden on or community. and all we talked about, the crime in the neighborhood and stuff like that, that's caused from the lack of education. and as a matter of fact, just recently, we hired a mischief that's doing a great job of bringing people together and cutting down the crime rate. so our crime rate is really going down. it's a matter of the haves and the have notes. it's important for all of our children to be educated. i heard someone talking about we need to get our children to suburbia town, but if we
of the version designed for the marine corps. those are just some of the problems in a program now costing tax payers $92 billion over its lifetime, 70% more than originally projected. and not a single jet is ready to go into combat. one day the pentagon says it will buy more than 2400 f-35s to serve the entire military, but in next year's budget it is only going to purchase 34 of them for testing and basic missions. why so few? constructionally mandated budget cuts. every program has to be trimmed to save money. >> the reality of reduced resources and a challenging and changing strategic environment requires us to prioritize and make difficult choices. some of those choices we must make now. >> reporter: despite the many problems and the cost overruns the military has no plans to scrap the f-35. it argues current fighter jets are obsolete, and china and russia are developing fighters that can outfly the jet. rosiland jordan, al jazeera, washington. >>> coming up on al jazeera america, it has been almost a year now since pope francis has become pontiff. >>> welcome back to al jazeera america.
the stealth painting melts off. those are just some of the problems in a program now costing tax pairs $392 billion over its life 250i78. that's 70% more than originally projected. and while pilots are conducting test flights, not a single yet is ready to go into combat. one day the pentagon says it will buy more than 2400 why so few? budget cuts. every program has to be trimmed to save money. >> the reality of reduced resources and a challenging and changing strategic environment requires us to prioritize and make difficult choices. some of those choices we must make now. >> reporter: despite the many problems and the cost overruns, the military has no plans to scrap the f-35. it argues current fighter jets are on sol bleat, and china and russia are developing fighters that will out fly and outgun the american fleet. rosiland jordan, al jazeera, washington. >>> and we are following breaking news coming out of ukraine right now. we're going to go to nick schifrin who is there. there is a developing situation outside of a cafe that involves a un enjoy. nick what are you seeing and hearing? >
taxes? >> we are talking about a whole new approach here. where we can actually bring the entire workforce out of the shadows, create good wages, good jobs, good training, bring the whole industry out of the shadows, and actually create more opportunity, while we create more support. >> and i know that those pimas well, the elderly deserve all that support and respect. thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >>> our week long series aging america continues next time on this program. >> we simply understand each other. i think all of us are a little afraid of being pandered to, of being dumbed down, i hate people who come and take my elbow and try to help me across the street because i have white harry. i want to say, sonny, cut that out. >> your elders and betters, spending quality time with the senior citizens of a growing movement. seniors helping seniors for the long haul. and calling all caregivers, "america tonight's" digital team wants to you share your stories, visit us online at or tweet with the #agingamerica. and ahead in our final t
parliament and prime minister. i asked what more do they want? interestingly they said taxes. a lot of the tax gas to ukraine proper. they want to see better roads, schools, everything that we see elsewhere in the world, better autonomy. i haven't heard the word secession heard yet but they would like to be as close to russia as they always been. this has been a part of ukraine since 1954, and they really feel that russia is their closest ally. >> the crimeans worried about pocketbook issues. thank you. >>> in washington secretar secrf state john kerry urged all parties not to inflame the situation. >> we urge all parties, that includes the new interim technical government, rightists, oppositionists, others, anybody in the streets that are arm, we urge all parties to avoid all steps that could be misinterpreted or lead to miscalculation or do anything to work, to bring peace and stability, and peaceful transition within the governing process of ukraine. >> the white house is also keeping a close eye on the situation in ukraine. >> we're not going to speculate about what we might do
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